At ACENTRIA, we have professionals with years of experience who can plan, design and develop mobile apps for your business in the shortest possible time. Not only development, we support you through implementation, promotion and maintenance.

The ultimate goal of a mobile app is to capture the attention of a large audience and enter the market through a digital presence. We fully understand your expectations and work to add value to your business and with the aim of accelerating its growth.

Just having an idea is not enough, you always need a professional team to turn your ideas into reality. We intend to provide an intuitive and leading mobile application by implementing plans based on your ideas. Our experts are always ready to serve you without any time barrier.

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We use best practice development processes and methods as the foundation to rapidly build innovative technology solutions in a structured and methodical manner.


We provide comprehensive game development services that cover all three phases: pre-production, production and post-production. We provide comprehensive game development services, game project redesign and game development outsourcing. Our experience in immersive and interactive technology helps you deliver top-notch modern gaming experiences to your audience. With beautiful visuals and smooth, intuitive gameplay, your game becomes irresistible to gamers. The gaming community is one of the largest with billions of gamers worldwide. It provides lucrative financial opportunities for businesses and acts as a trusted platform to promote products and services.


ACENTRIA extends end-to-end game development services to all major platforms. Our expert game development team supports you throughout the game development and game art, including 2D and 3D graphic design, modelling, rigging and rendering animations, and more.

1. Virtual Reality Game Development

Create new age games with our VR game development services for a completely immersive gaming experience. Games where users can join and live their imaginations.

2. Metaverse Game Development

With our global metaverse development expertise, you own a metaverse game that users enjoy. Create games where users are more engaged, thereby generating revenue.

  • Metaverse Games like Play-to-earn and Move-to-earn
  • Social Gaming
  • Avatar Creation
  • Blockchain Integration
3. Mobile Game App Development

We develop game apps for Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems to extend the reach of your business to all smartphone users.

4. NFT Game Development

We integrate NFT into your game projects, giving your audience a compelling financial reason to participate. They get NFT in the game to trade and make huge profits.

  • In-game asset NFTs
  • Game NFT Marketplace
5. Unity Game Development

We use Unity Engine for its cross-platform capabilities and rich resource base to develop multiplayer games for a variety of desktops, mobile devices, consoles and other platforms. Unity Engine 2D/3D Modelling, Animation, etc.



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